Understanding Timeslot Failure

Timeslots can be reserved successfully only when all the requested resources are available for the requested duration of time.

Many factors render a timeslot invalid. Such factors include:

  • Changes to the ALM licenses (This does not affect maintenance timeslots)

  • Resources become unavailable

  • A test linked to a timeslot becomes invalid

In some cases, such as where there is a conflict between hosts, the system can perform a reshuffle of hosts to try to rectify the situation and revalidate the timeslot. For details, see Host Allocation. Other factors, such as test invalidation, can be corrected manually.

Tip: You can configure the system to alert you by email when a timeslot becomes invalid. The alert provides details about the cause of the failure. For details on configuring timeslot alerts, see View and edit Lab Management project settings.

Parent topic: Reserving Timeslots Overview