Sprinter Overview

You run tests manually from Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) using Sprinter. Sprinter provides advanced functionality and tools to assist you in the manual testing process. Sprinter is fully integrated with ALM, enabling you to get the maximum benefit from both solutions.


  • ALM Editions:Sprinter functionality is not available with LoadRunner Enterprise. For information about ALM editions and their functionality, see ALM editions. To find out which edition of ALM you are using, ask your ALM site administrator.
  • If you are not working with Sprinter, you can run tests manually with the Manual Runner.

Manual testing often requires that you leave your testing application to accomplish tasks related to your test. For example, you may need to use graphic software to take a screen capture of your application, you may want to record a movie of the application during the test, and you need to switch to your defect tracking software to report defects.

Sprinter addresses these needs of the manual testing process, and enables you to accomplish these tasks without disrupting your test flow. With Sprinter, you can also perform many of the repetitive and tedious tasks of manual testing automatically. Sprinter includes many tools to help you detect and submit defects. These features ensure that you can perform all the tasks necessary for your manual test with minimum interruptions to your testing work.

With Sprinter you can:

  • create and annotate screen captures

  • capture movies of your run

  • record and run macros on your test application

  • automatically enter data into fields in your application

  • automatically include the list of your steps or user actions in any defect you submit

  • replicate your user actions on multiple machines with different configurations

For full details on installing and working with Sprinter, refer to the Sprinter Readme and the Sprinter User Guide, available on the Application Lifecycle Management Add-ins page. You can access the Add-ins page in ALM from Help > Add-ins.

For details on customizing ALM default settings for Sprinter, see the Application Lifecycle Management Administrator Guide: Configure Sprinter.

To run tests manually in ALM using Sprinter, see How to Run Tests Manually.