Test Runs Overview

After running tests, you can view the results in the Test Runs module in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). The Test Runs module contains tabs which let you study the results of test instance runs, test set runs, and build verification suite runs.

ALM Editions: The Test Set Runs and Build Verification Suite Runs tabs are available only for ALM Edition. For information about ALM editions and their functionality, see ALM editions. To find out which edition of ALM you are using, ask your ALM site administrator.

In the Test Runs tab, you can view the results of test executions.

  • Manual test results consist of the overall pass/fail status of a test and the pass/fail status of each step in a test run.

  • The results available for automatic tests vary depending on the test type.

These results help you determine whether a defect was detected in your application. In some cases, you may decide that a step failed because the expected results are no longer valid and need to be updated.

Following the execution of manual and automated tests, you can view results and general information for a test run. You can view test run details, compare the results of the most recent test run with previous runs, manage attachments, view and edit test run configuration information, manage linked defects, and view a history of test run changes.

You can also view and compare the results of all runs in your project displayed in a grid. You can then filter the grid to display only those runs that meet the criteria that you define.

In the Test Set Runs and Build Verification Suite Runs tabs, you can view the results of functional test set and build verification suite executions. You can also stop a functional test set or build verification suite run, or go to a specific functional test set or build verification suite.

In addition, you can analyze the progress of a test set or of overall test execution in your project by periodically generating execution reports and graphs. For details, see Analysis.

For related task details, see View test runs.