How to Reserve Testing Timeslots in ALM

This task describes how to reserve resources for running tests.

Note: This task is part of higher-level tasks. For details, see Deploying and Testing your Application in ALM.

To learn more about timeslot reservations, see Reserving Timeslots Overview.

  1. Prerequisites

    Ensure that there is a host pool defined and allocated to the project. For information about managing host pools in Lab Management, see Manage testing hosts.

    If you want to run a particular test during the timeslot, ensure that an instance of that test is included in a test set.

    For Performance tests, make sure that at least one of the hosts in the host pool can be designated as a Controller, and that Host, Vuser, and Concurrent Run limits are defined in the project settings.

  2. Create a timeslot

    1. On the ALM sidebar, under Testing, select Timeslots.

    2. On the Timeslots toolbar, click New Timeslot .
    3. Enter the details of the timeslot and select resources. For user interface details, see Timeslot Reservation Dialog Box.

  3. Verify availability of requested resources

    Do one of the following:

    • (Recommended) Click Calculate Availability. The system checks the availability of the requested resources. The results of this calculation are displayed in the Timeslot Status tab and graphically on the resource availability timeline.

      The availability timeline displays all timeslots when the requested hosts can be reserved. Even if the requested hosts cannot be reserved for the selected timeslot, they may be available at other times.

      If the timeslot cannot be reserved, consider the reasons displayed in the Timeslot Status tab when reselecting your resources. If the timeslot can be reserved, you can click Submit to save the timeslot.

    • Click Submit. The system calculates the availability of the requested resources during the selected timeslot. If all of the resources are available, the Timeslot Reservation dialog box closes and the timeslot is reserved and displayed in the Timeslots module. If the timeslot cannot be reserved, the reasons are displayed in the Timeslot Status tab.