Performance Test Tab

This dialog box enables you to add a performance test to a build verification suite.

To access

On the ALM sidebar, under Testing, select Build Verification. Select a build verification suite from the tree, then select the Performance Test tab.

Important information

You do not have to link a performance test to a build verification suite in order for the suite to be valid.

Relevant tasks

How to Work with Build Verification Suites in ALM

See also

Build Verification Overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements Description
Select a test instance

Enables you to link a performance test to a build verification suite.

By default, there is no linked test, and the selection appears as none.

In order to link a performance test to a suite, an instance of the test must be included in a test set. To link the test, click none. A window displaying the Test Lab tree opens. Navigate to the performance test to link and click OK.

When you link a test, the test name appears by the selection. To select a different test, click the test name and change the test as necessary.

Note: If you make changes to the linked test (in the Performance Test Designer), the timeslot is updated automatically, and you do not need to relink the test manually. Bear in mind that changing a linked test might affect the validity of the timeslot.

Version Control: You cannot link a test that is checked out.


Displays the number of Vusers/VUDs that are defined in the linked test.

To use VUDs instead of Vusers or vice versa, click Vusers/VUDs and change the selection.

To add additional Vusers/VUDs, click Add More.

Note: The sum of all Vusers/VUDs reserved for the requested timeslot and other timeslots must not exceed the limits specified in the project settings (Lab Settings > Project Settings), and must not exceed the number of Vusers/VUDs specified in the license.

Post Run

Enables you to define the action to be taken when the performance test run is complete:

  • Do not collate results. Frees the machines immediately after the performance test ends. When the run has finished, the run results are left on the load generators. You can analyze the results at a later stage from the Results tab.

  • Collate. When the run has finished, the run results are collected from all the load generators.

    Note: To prevent loss of or inaccessibility to run data, select this option so that the results are collected immediately upon completion of the test run.

  • Collate and Analyze. When the run has finished, the run results are collected and analyzed. Data analysis requires some time, depending on the size of the results file. If there is no timeslot available to include the data analysis, then select the Collate option instead, and run late Analysis when a data processor becomes available. You run late Analysis from the Results tab.

Default value: Collate. Click Collate to change the selection.

Available for: Performance Test timeslots only, and only when a performance test has been linked to the timeslot.