Build Verification Suite Details Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to view and update details for a build verification suite.

To access

In the Testing > Build Verification module, select a build verification suite and click the Build Verification Suite Details button .

Relevant tasks

How to Work with Build Verification Suites in ALM

See also

Build Verification Overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Details Displays the suite's details. Required fields are displayed in red. For details on available fields, see Build Verification Module Fields.
Functional Test Sets Enables you to add functional test sets to a build verification suite. For details, see Functional Test Sets Tab.
Performance Test Enables you to add a performance test to a build verification suite. For details, see Performance Test Tab.
Requested Hosts Displays the hosts which have been requested for the tests in the suite, and enables you to edit the host requests as required. For details, see Requested Hosts Tab.
History Lists changes made to the currently selected build verification suite. For details, see History Tab.