Execution Log Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to view details about Default tests executed by the Automatic Runner.

To access

In the Automatic Runner dialog box, select Run > View Execution Log.

Important information

You can view the Execution Log only if you selected Enable Log in the Automatic Runner dialog box before you executed the test.

Relevant tasks

How to Run Tests Automatically

See also

Automatic Runner Dialog Box

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element


Refreshes the details of a selected test.

<Test details pane>

Displays execution details of the test selected in the Test box, including name, date and time of run, and remote host.

<Results pane>

Displays a description of the run. May indicate cause of run failure.


The project in which the executed tests are located.


Deletes the execution log.

Available from: Log menu


Closes the Execution Log dialog box.

Available from: Log menu


Filters the tests displayed by the selected host.

To filter, select a host and click the Refresh button.


Enables you to select another execution log to display.

Available from: Log menu


The test for which execution details are displayed.

Test Set

The test set in which the executed tests are located.

User name

The user who ran the tests.