New Test Set Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to add a test set to a test set folder.

To access

In the Test Lab module > Test Sets tab, right-click a test set folder and select New Test Set.

Important information

You cannot add test sets directly to the Root folder. You must first add a folder to the Root folder.

Relevant tasks

How to Create Test Sets

See also

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element



Enables you to add attachments that provide additional information about the test set. For details, see Attachments Page.


Lists test set fields. Required fields are displayed in red. For details on the available fields, see Test Lab Module Fields.

Tip: Clicking in the Description field on this page displays a toolbar for formatting and spell checking the text.


The name you assign to the new test set.

Syntax exceptions: A test set name cannot include the following characters: \ ^ , " *

Test Set Folder

Displays the preselected folder name.


The test set type. Select the test set type that corresponds to the types of tests you are grouping together. For details, see Test Set Specification Overview.