On Test Failure Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to change the default failure rules for tests in a test set. These rules instruct ALM in the event that an automated test in the test set fails.

To access

In the Automation tab, click the Settings per test button.

Important information

This dialog box displays only automated tests in the test set.

Relevant tasks

How to Create Test Sets

See also

Automation Tab

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Resets the default failure rules according to the settings of a selected test. The default failure rules are defined in the Automation tab.

Clears the settings for a selected test.

Copy/Paste Settings. Copies the settings from one test to another.

Select a test and click the Copy Settings button. Select another test and click the Paste Settings button.


Specifies the number of times an automated test should be rerun upon failure.

Select one or more tests in the grid and select a number in the Reruns box on the toolbar.

To specify the number of reruns for a specific test, you can also select the number from the Number of Reruns column.

Opens the Select Test dialog box, enabling you to select a cleanup test. ALM runs the cleanup test before each rerun of the selected test.

Select one or more tests in the grid and click the Cleanup Test button.

To select a cleanup test for a specific test in the test set, you can also click the down arrow in the Cleanup Test Before Rerun column.

Automated Test

The Automated Test column displays all automated tests in the selected test set.