Test Set/BVS Run Details Dialog Box

This dialog box displays details for a test set run or build verification suite run.

To access

In Testing > Test Runs, click on Test Set Runs or Build Verification Suite Runs. Select a run and click .


Relevant tasks

View test runs

See also

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Save. Saves the details.

First/Previous Next/Last Entity. Allows you to browse through the runs in the grid.

Send by Email. Opens the Send E-mail dialog box, enabling you to send a run by email to recipients selected from a list. For details, see Send E-mail Dialog Box.

Send IM. Opens the Select IM Participants dialog box, enabling you to send an IM to selected users. For details, see Send instant messages from ALM.

Spell Check. Checks the spelling for the selected word or text box.

Thesaurus. Displays a synonym, antonym, or related word for the selected word.

Spelling Options. Enables you to configure the way ALM checks spelling.

Field Search. Enables you to search for a specified field name. Supports wildcard search with asterisk "*" and question mark "?".

For example: a*b returns acb and adefb; a?b returns acb


Displays details of the test set run or build verification suite run. For details on the available fields, see Test Lab Module Fields.

Event Log Displays a list of the events that were logged during the selected run. For details, see the ALM Lab Management Guide: Event Log.