Test Sets Tree Pane

This pane enables you to select functional test sets for inclusion in a build verification suite.

To access

In the Build Verification module, select a build verification suite. In the Functional Test Sets tab, click the Select Test Sets button.

Important information
  • You can include multiple functional test sets in the build verification suite.

  • The test sets will run in the order in which you add them.
Relevant tasks
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User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element


Add Test set. Adds the selected test set to the build verification suite.

Tip: You can also add test sets by double-clicking or dragging a folder or test set in the tree to the Functional Test Sets grid.

Show Test Set Details. Opens the Test Set Details dialog box for the selected test set in read-only mode.

Go to Test Set in Module Tree. Navigates to the selected test set's location in the Test Lab module, and highlights the test set.

Refresh All. Refreshes the tree to display the most up to date information.

Set Filter/Sort. Includes the following options:

  • Set Filter/Sort. Opens the Filter dialog box, enabling you to filter and sort test sets.

  • Clear Filter/Sort. Clears any filters or sorting that you have applied.

For details, see Filter Dialog Box.

Find. Searches for a specific test set in the tree.

Go to Test set by ID. Opens the Go to Test dialog box, enabling you to locate the test set in the tree according to Test Set ID.

<Filter status bar>

Describes the filter currently applied to the tree. Located directly above the tree.

<Test Set Tree>

Enables you to select a test set and add it to the selected build verification suite.

Select a test set and click Add Test Set  . The selected functional test set is added to the Functional Test Sets grid of the build verification suite.