Suggested Duration Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to use the recorded durations of previous server-side executions to get a suggested duration for your current run.

To access

Click the Suggested Duration icon in the following dialog boxes:

Important information
  • ALM uses data from previous server-side executions to suggest a duration for your run. ALM can only suggest a duration if you have at least one previous execution of the selected test set or build verification suite.

  • ALM suggests a duration based on a certain amount of previous durations.

  • Executions are recorded only if they reach a state of Finished.

  • This feature is available for all build verification suite runs functional test set runs. ALM provides no suggested duration for individual test instance runs.

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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Longest previous duration

Enables you to use the duration of the longest recorded execution of the selected run.

Select this option if it is essential for the selected run to complete and there are not many other important tests in need of resources.

Most frequent duration

Enables you to use the duration used by the 90th percentile of recorded executions of the selected run. Only 10 percent of runs had longer durations.

Select this option to maximize efficient usage of testing resources.

Suggested Duration The duration ALM suggests based on the option you selected. Click OK to apply this duration to your run.
Shortest Duration

Displays the shortest duration possible for this run type.

The shortest duration possible for each run type is as follows:

  • Maintenance timeslot: 5 minutes

  • Functional test set: 15 minutes

  • Build verification suite: 30 minutes

  • Performance test: 30 minutes