Test Configurations Pane

This pane lists the test configurations of a selected test.

To access

From the Requirements module:

  1. Select View > Requirement Details. Select a requirement and click the Test Coverage tab.

  2. Click the Select button. The Test Plan Tree and the Test Configurations panes are displayed.

From the Test Lab module:

  1. Select a test set and click the Execution Grid tab or the Execution Flow tab.

  2. Click the Select Tests button. The Test Plan Tree tab and the Test Configurations pane are displayed.

Relevant tasks
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Add Test Configuration to Coverage. Adds a test instance that uses the selected test configuration to the requirement's test coverage.

Add Test Configuration to Test Set. Adds a test instance that uses the selected test configuration to the test set.

Business Process Testing: When including a test configuration of a business process test, the Add Criterion Coverage dialog box opens. For details, see .

Refresh All. Refreshes the test configurations grid.

Select Columns. Opens the Select Columns dialog box, enabling you to determine which fields to display in the test configurations grid and their order. For details, see Select Columns/Select Fields Dialog Box.

Set Filter/Sort. Filters and sorts the test configurations in the grid. For details, see Filter Dialog Box.


A description of the test configuration.


A unique numeric ID for the test configuration, assigned automatically by ALM.

Test ID

A unique numeric ID for the test, assigned automatically by ALM.


The date and time of the last change to the test configuration.

Creation Date

The date on which the test was created. By default, the creation date is set to the current ALM server date.

Execution Status

The execution status of the last run of a test configuration. By default, the execution status can be one of the following: Blocked, Failed, N/A, No Run, Not Completed, Passed.


The test configuration name.

Test Name

The test name.

Created By

The user name of the person who created the test configuration.