Text Search Pane

This pane enables you to search for records in predefined fields.

To access

Select Edit > Text Search. The Text Search pane opens in the lower part window.

Available from the following modules: Requirements, Business Components, Test Plan, and Defects.

Important information
  • Text search is only available if it has been enabled for the project. Contact your ALM site administrator if the search option is unavailable.

  • Searchable text fields are predefined in Project Customization. For details, see the Application Lifecycle Management Administrator Guide: Configure Text Search.

  • Version Control: ALM searches only checked in versions.

Relevant tasks

Search, replace, and update ALM data

See also

Find Dialog Box

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element


Search for

Indicates the keywords you want to find.

Syntax exceptions:

  • Text search ignores the following: articles (a, an, the); coordinate conjunctions (and, but, for, nor, or); boolean operators (and, or, not, if, or, then).

  • The search is not case sensitive.


  • When you enter a keyword, ALM searches the predefined fields for the keyword or variations of the keyword. For example, if you type log, the search will find fields containing log, logs, logging, and logged. The search will not find login or logical because these are not variations of the word.

  • If you enter more than one keyword, the results will include all records that contain at least one of the keywords.


Enables searching for text in Tests or Design Steps.

Available from: Test Plan module.

Restrict to current filter

Indicates whether to search all records in the module or restrict the search to the filtered records.


Performs the text search on the predefined fields and displays the search results in order of relevance.

Select Columns. Opens the Select Columns dialog box, enabling you to determine column appearance and order. For details, see Select Columns/Select Fields Dialog Box.

Searchable Fields. Displays the list of predefined search fields set in Project Customization.

Details. Opens the corresponding Details dialog box, enabling you to view and update details of the selected entity.

Go to Entity. Select a record and click the button to display record details.

Tip: Alternatively, select a record and click the <record ID> or <record Name> link.

Load Selected Results. Loads the selected results to the grid or tree and clears the current filter.

Tip: Press the Ctrl key to select multiple results.


Number of the item selected in the search results and the total number of items found.