Update Selected Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to update a field value for multiple records in a grid or a tree.

To access

Right-click selected multiple records and select Update Selected.

Available from the following modules: Requirements, Test Plan (Test Grid only), Test Lab (Execution Grid tab), Build Verification, and Defects.


When updating required fields, you can value the BULK_ACTION_IGNORE_REQUIRED_FIELD site parameter with ‘Y’ in order to bypass checking that required fields are valued before performing an update of multiple entities.

Relevant tasks

Search, replace, and update ALM data

See also

Replace Dialog Box

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Update Field

Identifies the field to be updated.

Version Control: If the field is non-versioned (meaning, the field's data are not saved with each version), an asterisk (*) is displayed as a prefix to the field name in the Update Field list. The checkout operation is bypassed when performing an Updated Selected operation on non-versioned entities. For details on setting a field as a versioned/non-versioned, see  Versioned.


The replacement value for the selected field.

Ignore Errors Bypasses errors and continues to update the selected field.
Add to Current Values

This option is available if the selected field is defined as such that it allows you to select more than one value from a list.

Enabling this option, will not replace the current value. Instead, the new value will be added and the old value will remain.

Note: Available if the Allow Multiple Values option is enabled for this field. For more details, see Customize project entities.

Advanced Enables you to update multiple field values at once.

Indicates the number of values that were updated, and the number of instances where the values were not updated.