Understanding the Script Editor Commands

The Script Editor toolbar, menu bar, and right-click menu contain the following buttons and menu commands:

UI Element Description
Save. Saves the changes made to scripts in the selected module.
Print. Prints the displayed script.
Undo. Reverses the last command or deletes the last entry you typed.
Redo. Reverses the action of your last Undo command.
Cut. Removes the selected text and places it on the Clipboard.
Copy. Copies the selected text to the Clipboard.
Paste. Inserts the contents of the Clipboard at the insertion point.
Delete. Deletes the selected text.
Find. Searches for specified text in the scripts of the selected module.
Find Next. Finds the next occurrence of the text specified in the Find Text dialog box.
Replace. Replaces the specified text with replacement text.
Synchronize Tree with Script. Refreshes the Scripts Tree to reflect procedures you have added, deleted or renamed.
Field Names. Displays a list of field names in the project that you can insert into your script.
Code Complete. Displays a list of objects, properties, methods, or field names that you can insert into your script.
Code Template. Displays a list of templates for commonly used VBScript statements that you can insert into your script.
List Value. Opens the Select Value From List dialog box, to enable you to choose an item from a project list.
Syntax Check. Validates the syntax of your script and displays any messages in the Messages pane.
Show/Hide Scripts Tree. Displays or hides the Scripts Tree. If you have opened the Script Editor from a script generator, this is not available.
Show/Hide Messages Pane. Displays or hides the Messages pane.
Properties. Opens the Properties dialog box, enabling you to change the properties of the Script Editor. For details, see Setting the Properties of the Script Editor.
Save All To save script changes in all modules, choose File > Save All.
Revert to Saved To return to a saved version of a module, select a changed module and choose File > Revert to Saved.
Select All To select all text in the scripts pane, choose Edit > Select All.
Expand All To expand all nodes in the Scripts Tree, choose View > Expand All.
Collapse All To collapse all nodes in the Scripts Tree, choose View > Collapse All.
Go to Line Number To jump to a specific line in the Script Editor, choose Search > Go to Line Number.
Clear Messages To clear syntax messages displayed in the messages pane, choose Tools > Clear Messages.
Sort Field Names by Field Labels When you choose the Field Names option, the Script Editor sorts the list by the field name used in the ALM database table (for example, BG_BUG_ID). To sort the fields by the field label (for example, Defect ID) right-click the script pane and choose Sort Field Names by Field Labels.
VBScript Home Page To get help for the VBScript language, choose Help > VBScript Home Page.