Password policy management

The Password Policy tab in Site Administration enables you to manage the password polices of your site (for on-premises) or customer (for SaaS).

Note: This page is available to all users with administrator rights.

User interface elements are described below.

UI Element Description

Sets the selected policy as the default policy.

By default, new users created are assigned the default policy.

For on-premises: Assigns the selected policy to all site users.

For SaaS: Assigns the selected policy to all users of the current customer. Available for site admins and users with the system-defined role Customer Admin.

Enables you to create a new policy and provide it with a name.

To add a policy, click the add button and click the check button . The new policy is displayed in the All Policies pane.

To define your policy, select one or more checkboxes in the Restrictions pane, and edit the values.

Appears when you hover over a policy.

Enables you to clone the policy and provide the new policy with a name.

By default, the cloned policy has the same restrictions as the policy it was cloned from.

Appears when you hover over a policy.

Enables you to edit the policy name.

Appears when you hover over a policy.

Deletes the policy.

If no user is assigned the policy, you can successfully delete it.

If one or more users are assigned the policy, the Error Occurred dialog box opens, and the policy cannot be deleted.

Restrictions Displays a set of rules needed for a valid username and password for the selected policy.

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