Apply template customization

When configuring a template project, you can customize defect and run entities in Web Runner and apply template customization to multiple projects. As the needs of your organization change over time, you can update the customization in your template project, and then reapply the template customization to the linked projects.


  • Available to users with the Set Up Cross Project Customization permission. Users assigned to the TDAdmin user group can apply template customization by default.
  • Available for ALM Edition only.

Apply template customization

To apply template customization:

  1. In ALM, apply template customization to projects linked to the template. For more details, For details, see Cross project customization.

  2. Log on to Web Runner. Make sure to select a template project.

    For more log on details, see Start Web Runner.

  3. Customize the fields in Web Runner. For details, see Entity Settings.

  4. In Web Runner, apply template customization to projects linked to the template.

    1. In the top right corner of Web Runner, click Settings > Apply Template.

    2. In the Apply Template Settings page, select the linked projects that you want to apply template settings to.

      Show active only. Click this button to exclude inactive projects.

      Select by Importing. You can also click this button to select the target linked projects by importing a .txt file. To understand the supported format, select a linked project, click Export Selected, and see how the exported file is formatted.

      Export Selected. Click this button to export the selected linked project list to a .txt file.

    3. Click Apply.

      The progress bar appears, displaying the number of failed and successful projects.

    4. If you want to re-apply customization to failed projects, do the following:

      1. Click the red part of the progress bar to see the failure details.
      2. Click the download icon to export the failed projects.
      3. Fix the failures.
      4. Re-apply template customization to these projects by using the Select by Importing button.

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