Site Administration REST API Reference

You can use the Site Administration REST API to access and work with ALM data in Site Administration. The ALM Site Administration REST API reference provides a complete online reference for the Site Administration REST-based API.

Access SA REST API documentation

The Site Administration REST API documentation is embedded in the product.

To access the Site Administration REST API documentation:

  1. From the ALM qcbin page (http://<ALM server>:<port number>/qcbin/), click the Tools link.

  2. At the bottom of the ALM Tools page, click the ALM Site Administration REST API Guidance link.

    This documentation includes all REST APIs with the URL starting with qcbin/v2/sa/api.

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SaaS only APIs

The APIs that have the SaaS only tag are available for ALM SaaS only. You cannot use them for on-premises environments.

For on-premises, all the APIs without this tag are available for use.

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Available in versions: 17.0.1 and later

The Permissions section is available for each Site Administration REST API, listing the minimum permissions required to use an API.

We recommend you read the Permissions section before calling an API.

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