Schedule a Maintenance Timeslot - Administrator Use Case

Paul is the system administrator at the datacenter of Mercury Tours. He has been working there for three years, and one of his tasks is to administer the server lab. Mercury Tours uses ALM to manage their projects and decided last year to start using Lab Management to manage the testing hosts in their server lab.

Paul has been given the task of making sure that the testing hosts remain healthy. He uses Lab Management to maintain his servers. One of his typical tasks is to schedule a maintenance timeslot for one of the testing hosts so he can work on them. Paul uses the following checklist to arrange for the timeslot.

  • Prerequisites for scheduling a maintenance timeslot

  • Create my new maintenance timeslot

  • Do my maintenance work during the timeslot

Paul decides to schedule a maintenance timeslot for today so he can safely shut down and install new hardware on some of his hosts. He consults his checklist and gets to work: