The Lab Management tab in Site Administration enables you to manage LAB_PROJECT project details and define Lab Management users who are responsible for Lab Management administration tasks.

To access

In Site Administration, click the Lab Management tab.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Edit Connection String. Edits the connection string for Lab Management. For details on editing the connection string, see Details tab.

Ping Project. Checks whether the project database is accessible from Site Administration.

Maintain Project. Enables you to verify, repair, and upgrade projects. For details, see Upgrade projects.

Activate/Deactivate Project. When you deactivate LAB_PROJECT, users cannot log in to Lab Management. Any users currently connected to the project are forced to log out when you deactivate. LAB_PROJECT is not deleted from the server.

In addition, users cannot connect to projects linked to LAB_PROJECT, and currently connected users are disconnected.

Restore Lab Project. Restores access to LAB_PROJECT and adds it to the Lab Management tab in Site Administration. Restoring a LAB_PROJECT allows you to use only Lab Management projects that were created in the restored LAB_PROJECT.

For more details on the restore process, see Restore access to a project.

Remove Lab Project. Removes LAB_PROJECT from the Lab Management tab in Site Administration. This does not delete LAB_PROJECT from the server and you can restore it if necessary. If the project is still active, you are prompted to deactivate it.

Removing LAB_PROJECT deactivates all associated Lab Management projects. These projects can be enabled only by restoring this version of LAB_PROJECT.

Lab Management Details tab

Enables you to view and edit LAB_PROJECT details for working with Lab Management. For details on the viewing and editing project details, see View and edit project details.

Lab Management Users tab

Enables you to assign users who are responsible for Lab Management administration. For details, see Add users to a project.