Risk-Based Quality Management Overview

When planning how to test your requirements, you generally do not have unlimited resources available, and are not able to fully test every requirement. You must make compromises and only partially test requirements that have low criticality to the business, or those that have only a minor risk associated with their implementation. The risk-based quality management feature enables you to calculate at which level to test each requirement, based on the nature of the requirement and the resources you have available. You can then plan your testing process based on these recommendations.

Each requirement type with risk-based quality management enabled can support either risk analysis that is referred to as an analysis requirement, or an individual risk assessment that is referred to as an assessment requirement.

  • An analysis requirement is a requirement belonging to a type that represents higher levels in the requirements tree hierarchy, such as the Folder type. You perform risk analysis on an analysis requirement based on the assessment requirements under it in the requirements tree.

    The risk results of multiple assessment requirements are aggregated to give an overall risk analysis which can then be used to determine testing effort and test strategy.

  • An assessment requirement is a requirement belonging to a type that represents requirements that are children of analysis requirements and at a lower level in the requirements tree hierarchy. Assessment requirements under a particular analysis requirement form the basis for risk analysis on that analysis requirement.

    For each assessment requirement under the analysis requirement, you can assign or calculate the Risk and Functional Complexity.

    Risk is composed of its Business Criticality and Failure Probability. Business Criticality measures how crucial a requirement is for the business. Failure Probability indicates how likely a test based on the requirement is to fail.

    Functional Complexity indicates the complexity of the requirement's implementation.

You can enable each requirement type for risk-based quality management. For details, see Customize requirement types.

You can customize default settings for risk-based quality management. For details, see the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Administrator Guide: Customize risk-based quality management.

For task details, see How to Assess Risk.