System Tests Overview

You can run a system test to retrieve a machine's system information, view a captured desktop image of a test run on a machine, or restart a machine. For example, you can run a system cleanup test that will restart the machine on which an automated test failed. You can also create a system test to retrieve information about a machine's resource usage before or after a test run.

You create a system test by adding a system test to a test subject folder, defining the test, and adding the test to a test set.

Note: To run a system test, you must install the following tool add-ins on the machine where the test is to be run:

  • ALM System Test Remote Agent Add-in

  • ALM Connectivity Add-in

For details on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) add-ins, refer to the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Installation and Upgrade Guide.

When running a system test, the following steps can be created:

  • SysInfo. Collection of system information

  • Snapshot. Capture of desktop image

  • Reboot Start and Reboot Finish. Machine restart

You can view details for each of these steps after your system test has finished running. You can also view the system information that has been retrieved—such as CPU, memory, and processes running on the machine—and an image of the machine executing the system test.

For task details, see How to Create System Tests.