Test Plan Overview

Developing a clear and concise test plan is fundamental to successful application testing. A good test plan enables you to assess the quality of your application at any point in the application management process.

Outline a strategy for achieving your requirements, as defined in the Requirements module. Ask yourself two basic questions:

How should you test your application?

  • Which testing techniques will you use (stress tests, security tests, performance and load tests, etc.)?

  • How will you handle defects (severity classification, authorization to open and close defects, etc.)?

What resources do you require?

  • What resources do you require to test (personnel, hardware, etc.)?

  • When will the various tasks be completed?

Example:  Consider a flight reservation application that lets you manage flight scheduling, passenger bookings, and ticket sales. Testing will require designing both manual and automated tests. You could assign testing personnel with programming experience the task of designing automated tests, while non-programmers could design manual tests.

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