VAPI-XP Tests Overview

The VAPI-XP testing tool enables you to create new testing scripts using Microsoft VBScript, Microsoft JavaScript (JScript version), PerlScript, and PythonScript, and integrate these scripts into your application management process. Using VAPI-XP test scripts, you can test COM/DCOM servers, SOAP-based Web services, Java APIs (such as Java classes and EJBs), and console applications. You can also use VAPI-XP to create a LoadRunner virtual user.

In addition, VAPI-XP is fully integrated with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), enabling you to design your VAPI-XP test script to call any ALM test or test set, and execute it as part of your own script. This allows you to build a more advanced test set execution flow, in which you can filter tests in a test set during execution, based on the status or type of each test.

VAPI-XP is also fully integrated with the ALM Open Test Architecture API. All open test architecture API classes and methods can be referenced from the VAPI-XP user interface so that you can easily include them in your test script.

Note: The VAPI-XP testing tool is installed on a testing host by performing ALM Client Registration. Instructions for performing client registration can be found in the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Installation and Upgrade Guide.

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