How to Debug VAPI-XP Tests Scripts Test Mode

If your test run was not successfully completed, you can use VAPI-XP's Integrated Debugger to assist you in debugging your VAPI-XP test script.

Note: You cannot use the Integrated Debugger to debug PerlScript or PythonScript test scripts.

To learn more about VAPI-XP tests, see VAPI-XP Tests Overview.

To debug a VAPI-XP test script:

  1. In the Test Script tab of the Test Plan module, select Debug > Integrated Debugger. Additional buttons controlling the debugging process are displayed on the toolbar.

  2. To set a breakpoint in a script, select the line in the script where you want to set the breakpoint, and choose Debug > Toggle Breakpoint or click the Toggle Breakpoint button . Alternatively, click the gray margin next to the line in the script. The line you selected is highlighted in red.

  3. Click the Execute Script button . ALM begins executing the script, stopping at the defined breakpoint. The Output tab displays the following message.

  4. To instruct ALM to enter the script after the breakpoint, choose Debug > step Into or click the step Into button . The line in the script that follows the breakpoint is highlighted in blue.

  5. To instruct ALM to step over a line in the script, click the step Over button or choose Debug > step Over.

  6. To instruct ALM to execute the script, choose Debug > step Out or click the step Out button . The output is displayed in the Output tab.

  7. To view or edit the value of each variable in the script, choose Debug > Variables or click the Show Variables button . The Variables dialog box opens, displaying the variables available in the current script. Select a variable to view its properties.

    To change a variable's value, type the new value you want to assign to it in the Value box and click Update. Click OK to save your changes and close the Variables dialog box.

  8. To view information about a specific variable while debugging, choose Debug > Watch or click the Show Watch Window button to display the Watch tab.

    To add a variable to the Watch tab, click +, type a variable name in the Prompt box, and click OK. The variable and its values are displayed in the Watch tab.

  9. To instruct ALM to resume executing the script, choose Debug > Resume Execution or click the Resume Execution button .

  10. Choose Debug > Stop Debugging, or click the Stop Debugging button to stop the Integrated Debugger from debugging your script.