How to Run VAPI-XP Tests in Debug Mode

After you have created and edited your VAPI-XP test script, you can run it in debug mode or test mode. Running a VAPI-XP test in debug mode enables you to execute the test without including it in a test set and without creating test run data in the ALM project. It is generally recommended that you use the debug mode while you are developing your test, and the test mode once you have completed creating your test.

To learn more about VAPI-XP tests, see VAPI-XP Tests Overview.

To run a VAPI-XP test in debug mode:

  1. In the Test Plan module, select a VAPI-XP test from the test plan tree, and click the Test Script tab.

  2. Select Test > Execute (Debug Mode), or click the Execute Script button . ALM begins executing the test script you selected.

  3. Select View > Output to view the output generated by the test script.

    • To clear the Output tab, click the Clear Output button .

    • To copy the output text to the clipboard, select it and click the Copy Selected Text to Clipboard button .

    • To view the test script output in a Web browser, click the Open Output Text in Web Browser button .

    • To print the test script output, click the Print Output button .

  4. To stop executing the VAPI-XP test before it finishes running, select Test > Stop, or click the Stop button .