Impact Analysis Tab

This tab enables you to analyze the impact of requirement changes by reviewing the relationships. It helps you understand associations and dependencies that exist between the requirements by displaying them in a hierarchical tree structure.

To access

In the Requirements module, select View > Requirement Details. Click the Requirements Traceability tab and then the Impact Analysis tab.

Important information

The Impact Analysis tab shows the affected parent and child requirements.

Relevant tasks

How to Trace Requirements

See also

Requirements Traceability Overview

Relationships Tab

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Refresh All. Refreshes the tree.

Go To Requirement. Displays a traced requirement in the requirements tree.

Requirement Details. Opens the Requirement Details dialog box, enabling you to display the details of the selected requirement. For details, see Requirement Details Page.


Describes the relationships between the requirements. For more details on the traceability icons, see Requirements Module Icons.

Trace From pane

Displays requirements that affect a selected requirement.

Show/Hide. Shows/hides the Trace From or the Trace To pane.

Trace To pane

Displays requirements that are affected by a selected requirement.