KPI Drill Down Results Dialog Box

This dialog box displays the most up to date details of entities that contributed to the KPI value. The information displayed represents either the numerator or the denominator value contributing to the KPI percentage result, or the value contributing to the KPI count result.

To access
  1. In the Releases module, select a release and click the Scorecard tab.

  2. Select a KPI cell and on the Scorecard toolbar and click either KPI Numerator or KPI Denominator (if the KPI is a percentage type).

Important information
  • The dialog box displays the most up to date information for each entity, even if it has changed since the original KPI calculation. Therefore it is possible that the information displayed may contradict the KPI value.

  • Entities that have been deleted from the system are not displayed.

  • ALM Editions: Functionality related to PPT is available for ALM Edition only. For information about ALM editions and their functionality, see ALM editions. To find out which edition of ALM you are using, ask your ALM site administrator.

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How to Work with PPT

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User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element (A - Z)


Select Columns. Opens the Select Columns dialog box, enabling you to determine which fields to display in the data grid, and their order. For details, see Select Columns/Select Fields Dialog Box.

Export. Opens the Export Grid Data dialog box, enabling you to export the records as a text file, Microsoft Excel worksheet, Microsoft Word document, or HTML document.

Select one of the following options:

  • All. Exports all records in the grid.

  • Selected. Exports selected records in the grid.

<Segment parameters>

Located above the data grid, displays the drill down type and the number of records displayed.

<Data grid>

A list of the numerator or denominator records that are included in the selected KPI value.

To open a particular record, double-click a record. The <Module> Details dialog box opens, enabling you to view or edit the record. Use the navigation buttons to browse through the drill down results.