Link to CDA Dialog Box

To access

Select an AUT Environment Configuration from the AUT Environments module. Then do one of the following:

  • Click the Link to CDA button.
  • Click the AUT Environment Configuration Details button. On the AUT Environment Configuration Details dialog box sidebar, select Link to CDA.

Relevant tasks

How to Work with AUT Environments

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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Check Spelling. Checks the spelling for the selected word or text box.

Thesaurus. Displays a synonym, antonym, or related word for the selected word.

Spelling Options. Enables you to configure the way ALM checks spelling.

Field Search. Enables you to search for a specified field name. Supports wildcard search with asterisk "*" and question mark "?".

For example: a*b returns acb and adefb; a?b returns acb

Name The name of the selected AUT environment configuration.
Clear Link to CDA Removes the linkage between the selected AUT environment configuration and the CDA topology.
Reload CDA entities from the server

Reloads the list of available CDA entities. Any changes that occurred on the CDA server side will be updated in the lists in the dialog box.

Caution: Reloading the list of CDA entities will remove all your linkages.

Open <Page> in CDA

Opens a CDA page.

If you have not yet selected a Deployment Topology, the Applications Page in CDA opens. If you have selected a Deployment Topology, the Linked Topology Page in CDA opens.

<CDA topology link section>

Enables you to configure the linkage between the selected AUT environment configuration and a CDA topology.

If your project is defined to work with CDA domain A, but you selected an application linked to a platform in CDA domain B, you will be able to see stored configurations from domain B even though domain B is not linked to the project.

By default, there is no linkage between CDA and the AUT environment configuration. To link, click none and select a CDA parameter.

Select the following CDA topology levels:

  • Application
  • Application Version
  • Application Model
  • Deployment Topology
  • Topology Stored Parameters
  • Platform Stored Parameters
  • Software Package Definition

Note: If you do not complete all of the selections, you are not able to link your AUT environment configuration to a CDA topology.