Risk Analysis Tab

This tab enables you to define the testing policy settings and to determine the total estimated testing time for the analysis requirement and the assessment requirements under it.

To access

Use one of the following:

  • In the Requirements module, select the Requirement Details view. Select an analysis requirement and click the Risk Analysis tab.

  • In the Requirements module, right-click an analysis requirement and select Requirement Details. The Requirement Details dialog box opens. Click the Risk Analysis button.

Important information
  • Make sure that you have determined the Risk and Functional Complexity categories of all assessment requirements that are located under the analysis requirement for which you want to finalize the testing policy, and that you want to include in the risk analysis. For details, see Risk Assessment Tab.

  • You can filter the requirements tree to include only the assessment requirements you want to include in the risk analysis. For more details on filtering, see Filter Dialog Box.

  • You can customize each requirement type for risk-based quality management. For details, see Customize requirement types.

  • You can customize the testing policy used by default. For details, see Customize risk-based quality management.

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