Test Script Tab - System Tests

This tab enables you to define settings for the system test.

To access

In the test plan tree, select a system test, and click the Test Script tab.

Relevant tasks

How to Create System Tests

See also

System Tests Overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Saves the system test settings.

Collect system information

Instructs ALM to collect information such as CPU, memory, and processes running on the machine when the test is run.

Capture desktop image

Instructs ALM to add an attachment displaying a snapshot of the machine's desktop when the test is run.

Restart the computer

Instructs ALM to restart the machine when the test is run.


  • To use the Restart the computer option, you must enable auto login on your machine. Choose Start > Programs > ALM System Test Agent > System Test Agent (configuration). The Auto Restart Settings dialog box opens. By default, User Name and Domain are read-only. Type your password.
  • To select a different user name, reopen the Auto Restart Settings dialog box. User Name and Domain are no longer read-only. Modify the values.