Here is the template you can refer to when configuring the octane-int-config.xml file for your ALM-ALM Octane integration.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
	    <!-- As Octane's API access keys are defined an the shared space level, you should add one target for each shared space. -->
            <!--If ALM is in Intranet but Octane is in an external network such as AWS, then need to configure the proxy -->
		     	<!-- Create API access keys in Octane to generate Client Id -->
				<!-- Create API access keys in Octane to generate Client Secret  -->
				<!-- Octane server URL -->
				<!-- Octane shared space Id -->

                <!-- Define ALM and Octane project mappings that include project mapping, field mapping, and field value mapping.  -->
				    <!-- ALM domain -->
					<!-- ALM project name -->
					<!-- Octane Workspace Id  -->
					    <!-- ALM test instance filters. Include the filter settings in <![CDATA[ ]]> to avoid XML parsing exceptions. You can define multiple filters and the relationship between them is OR -->
LogicalFilter:\0000001e\Not hp.qc.test-instance.MANUAL,
VisualFilter:\0000001e\Not hp.qc.test-instance.MANUAL,

				    	<!-- Fields available for mapping: class, run status, test_tool_type -->
					    <!-- e.g. almDbFieldName "RN_STATUS" is test run status in ALM, and octaneName "status" is the mapped status field in Octane. -->
                        <field octaneName="status" almDbFieldName="RN_STATUS">
							    <!-- Only support mapping ALM user defined run status values to Octane's statuses "Passed", "Failed", and "Skipped"  -->
                                <!-- e.g. The Octane's status "Skipped" is mapped to ALM's user defined run status "Bypassed" -->
								<value octaneValue="Skipped" almValue="Bypassed"/>

						<!-- Support mapping either an ALM system field or a user defined fields of the Test, Test Set, Run, Test Instance, or Test configuration entity to the Octane's field "class" -->
                        <field octaneName="class" almDbFieldName="TS_USER_01"/>

                        <field octaneName="Testing_Tool_Type" almDbFieldName="TS_TYPE">
								<value octaneValue="CREATED_BY_ALM" almValue="VAPI-XP-TEST"/>

					<!-- If the value of the Octane Test suite URL field in an ALM test set is incorrect, "true" means it will create a new test suite in Octane after sync and update the field value with the URL of the new test suite, and "false" means it will not update the field value and the sync will fail. -->