Work with Sprinter

You can run tests manually from Business Process Testing using Sprinter.

For full details on installing and working with Sprinter, refer to the Sprinter Readme and the Sprinter help, available on the Application Lifecycle Management Add-ins page.

General Sprinter advantages

Because both Sprinter and Business Process Testing are fully integrated with ALM, you can benefit from all Sprinter functionality, including:

  • creating and annotating screen captures

  • capturing movies of your run

  • recording and running macros on your test application

  • automatically entering data into fields in your application

  • automatically including the list of your steps or user actions in any defect you submit

  • replicating your user actions on multiple machines with different configurations

You can use all this functionality without interrupting the flow of your manual business process test.

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Sprinter advantages when working with Business Process Testing

Running Business Process Testing manual tests with Sprinter provides the following additional benefits: 

  • You can view step information, navigate steps, and modify step information.

  • The test hierarchy, including components and iterations, is displayed.

  • You can view, and edit, the parameters in your steps.

  • You can advance to previous/next components in a business process test.

  • You can create (author) manual components directly in Sprinter.

    Note: For a list of ALM and Sprinter versions that support creation of manual components from Sprinter, see the ALM What's New document.

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Sprinter limitations when working with Business Process Testing

  • Unlike other ALM tests, you cannot export, print, or email steps in a business process test.

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