Work with scripted GUI and API Automation

This section describes how to automate a component by associating the component with scripted GUI and API automation.

Note: This task is part of a higher-level task. For details, see Work with Business Process Testing.

Scripted GUI and API automation overview

Components automated with either the scripted GUI or API automation types are automated, reusable modules that perform a specific task when testing your application. The tasks are defined using scripted programming logic.

You can edit scripted automation programming logic only in the application in which the automation was created, such as UFT One (UFT One) or Service Test. You cannot modify scripted automation in ALM, but you can include scripted components in any business process test or flow.

From within ALM, you can launch a scripted component in the testing tool in which the component was automated.


  • For details on scripted GUI automation in UFT One, see the UFT One help.

  • For details on API automation in UFT One, see the Service Test User Guide or the information about API testing in the UFT One help.

  • Most of the information, examples, and images in this Help file focus specifically on working with keyword GUI automation. However, much of the information also applies to API automation or scripted GUI automation.

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Associate a component with scripted GUI and API automation

  1. Prerequisites: Make sure a testing tool, such as UFT One, is installed.

    Tip: If a testing tool is not installed, the button in the Automation tab is disabled.

  2. Create an application area.

    Automation involves the creation of application areas, which provide access to the settings and resources required for a particular application. Work with an automation engineer to create the application area in UFT One. For details, see the Create an application area step under the Work with keyword GUI automation task.

  3. Select a component.

    In the Business Components module window, select a component in the component tree.

  4. Implement scripted automation.

    1. In the Automation tab, click and select either Scripted GUI or API. For user interface details, see Script Launch Pane.

    2. Click Launch to launch UFT One or Service Test. Work with an automation engineer to create the script (content) in the testing tool.

    For details on scripted GUI automation, see the information about GUI testing in the UFT One help.

    For details on API automation, see the Service Test User Guide or the information about API testing in the UFT One help.


  • The component is fully automated.
  • The icon for the component changes from the manual icon to the automated icon. For icon details, see Business Process Testing Icons.
  • The automated component can be accessed from the testing tool.
  • Tests and flows that contain fully automated components can run in an automatic runner without pausing for user input.

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