Select Destination Folder Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to convert existing manual ALM tests (not business process tests) to manual components in a destination folder that you select.

When choosing the destination folder, you can select a folder, a single test, or multiple tests.

To access

From the Test Plan module, select the ALM manual test that you want to convert. Click the Convert to Component button.

Relevant tasks

Work with manual business components

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element


Refresh. Updates the data in the tree.

New Folder. Opens the New Component Folder dialog box, enabling you to add a folder under a selected folder in the component tree.

Syntax exceptions: The folder name cannot contain two consecutive semicolons (;) or include any of the following characters:  \ * ^

Find. Searches the component tree by name. Type the name of the folder or test in the Find box and click Find. ALM highlights the first entity in the tree that contains the search string.

<component tree>

Displays the components in a hierarchical format that can be collapsed and expanded.

New Component Name

Enables you to enter a new name for a converted component. The default is the name of the test. This field is mandatory.

Note: If a component with the same name already exists in the destination folder, a suffix is automatically added to the name to create a unique name within the folder (for example _Copy_1).

Available when: Either a single test is selected in the test plan tree

Include tests in subfolders

Enables you to convert all the tests in the selected folder and all of its subfolders simultaneously. If the number of tests is large, this action may take some time.

Available when: A folder is selected in the test plan tree