This section answers some of the questions frequently asked about Quality of Things (QoT).

Where can I download Quality of Things (QoT)?

Install QoT for Android from the Google Play Store, QoT for iOS from Apple App Store, and download QoT for all supported OS, including Windows from the AppDelivery Marketplace.

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Is QoT included with an ALM license purchase, like an add-in, or does it require a separate license?

QoT is part of the ALM/Quality Center offering, with no additional charge. Note that QoT consumes a full license when connected to the server (online mode).

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Does QoT have any features to enforce process?

Though ALM/Quality Center workflow is not supported, QoT allows admins to set rules for all users to control what they can do under certain conditions. For example, a test can be downloaded or executed only when it meets certain conditions.

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Does QoT include reporting features?

Because QoT is mainly for test execution and not management, there are no plans to add reporting and dashboards.

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