Install ALM Google Sheets add-on

This section describes how to install the ALM Google Sheets add-on.

Before you install the ALM Google Sheets add-on, make sure Google Sheets is working properly on your machine.

Note: To install this add-in for all users, you must log in with administrator privileges.

To install the ALM Google Sheets add-on:

  1. Open the online Google Sheets.

  2. Click Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons.

  3. In the Google Workspace Marketplace window, search with the keyword ALM.

  4. Select the ALM Google Sheets Add-on card to open its details page. Click Install.

  5. In the Get ready to install window, click Continue.

  6. Select your Google account to continue the installation, and in the ALM wants to access your Google Account page, click Allow.

  7. Click Done.

    You can find OpenText ALM under the Extensions menu.

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