Create and configure CDA servers

This section describes how to create and configure CDA servers in Lab Management.

CDA servers overview

The CDA Servers module is used to create and configure Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA) servers within Lab Management. CDA provides a data model that represents the artifacts and relationships required to define how composite applications are delivered to a dynamic set of target environments.

CDA integrates with ALM to provide dynamic provisioning and deployment of resources. The integration works in the following way:

  1. You define CDA servers in Lab Management. For details, see Create and configure CDA servers.

  2. Lab Management project users can link AUT environment parameters to CDA parameters in ALM Desktop Client. For details, see Link AUT environment configurations to CDA.

  3. ALM can then run the linked tests without requiring the users to provide specific values for the environment parameters.

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Create and configure CDA servers

Use the following workflow to configure CDA in Lab Management:

  1. Update the Communication Security Passphrase.

    1. In Site Administration, update the COMMUNICATION_SECURITY_PASSPHRASE site parameter. For details, see Set configuration parameters.
    2. Restart the Application Lifecycle Management service on the ALM server.

  2. Create the CDA Server in Lab Management.

    1. In Lab Management, select Servers > CDA Servers.

    2. Click New CDA Server.

      Note: You can only have one CDA server per site.

    3. In the New CDA Server dialog box, enter your server information.




      Enter a name for the new server.

      Syntax exceptions: A server name cannot include the following characters: \ / : " ? < > |

      Internal URL

      The URL used for all internal communication between the LoadRunner Enterprise Server and ALM, as well as for load balancing.

      External URL

      The URL used to connect to the CDA Server from an external source.

      Use the following format for the URL:


      For SSL connectivity add a CDA server using the following format for the external URL:



      The server ID.

    4. After you submit, the CDA server data undergoes a compatibility check. The internal URL is used to check connectivity. If there are no problems with connectivity, your CDA server appears in the grid.

  3. Assign the CDA server to a Lab Management project.

    1. In Lab Management, select Lab Settings > Project Settings.

    2. Click the relevant project from the grid.

    3. In the Project Settings Details dialog box, update the CDA Server field. Click OK.

    Your CDA server is now ready to be linked with ALM.

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