Manage host pools

This section describes how to manage pools of testing hosts used for running server-side functional and performance tests in ALM.

Host pools overview

A host pool is a group of testing hosts. Each project has one host pool. When managing a host pool, it is important to understand the total available resources.

If you are using the pool for a project which involves performance testing, the pool must contain at least one Controller, one load generator, and one data processor. Because hosts can have dual functionality, it is recommended that a pool contains, among the other hosts, at least one host that can be dedicated fully for Controller functionality.

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Add or modify a host pool

Before you design and run server-side tests in ALM, you must add your testing hosts to a host pool and assign the host pool to your project.

To add a host pool:

  1. Log in to Lab Management.

  2. Go to Lab Resources > Pools.

  3. Click the New Host Pool button . Provide the following information, and click OK.

    Field Description
    Pool Name

    The name of the host pool.

    Note: The name may contain up to 2000 characters, excluding spaces, periods, and any of the following characters:

    : ; * \ / " ~ & ? { } $ % | < > + = ^ [ ] ( )

    C+LG Hosts

    The number of hosts with both Controller and Load generator purposes in the host pool.


    Controller Hosts

    The number of Controller hosts in the host pool.



    A description of the host pool.

    DP Hosts

    The number of Data processor hosts in the host pool.


    LG Hosts

    The number of Load generator hosts in the host pool.


    Pool ID

    The ID of the host pool.

    Generated by the system and read-only.

  4. Link one or more hosts to the host pool.
    1. Click the Linked Hosts tab of the pool.
    2. Click Add Hosts to Pool . Select hosts from the grid and click Add.

  5. Alternatively, you can link a single host to multiple host pools from the Belongs To Pools field in the host's details. For details, see Add or modify testing hosts.

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