New AUT Host Pool Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to create a new AUT Pool.

To access

On the Lab Management sidebar, under LoadRunner Enterprise, select AUT Pools. Click New AUT Host Pool .

See also

AUT Resources Overview

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements


Clear All Fields. Clears the data.

Spell Check. Checks the spelling for the selected word or text box.

Thesaurus. Displays a synonym, antonym, or related word for the selected word.

Spelling Options. Enables you to configure how to check the spelling.

Field Search. Enables you to search for a specified field name. Supports wildcard search with asterisk "*" and question mark "?".

For example: a*b returns acb and adefb; a?b returns acb

Pool Name

The name of the AUT Pool.


Enables you to enter the details of the new AUT Pool. For details, see AUT Pools Fields.