Before installing ALM Client MSI Generator

Understand the following before you install ALM Client MSI Generator.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or 4.5 must be installed on the machine on which you want to run ALM Client MSI Generator.

  • Uninstall any other versions of this tool.

  • To install and run ALM Client MSI Generator, and to run ALM client MSI files, you must log in with administrator privileges.

Server version

ALM Client MSI Generator only supports multiple independent servers with the same version installed.

Proxy or web server configurations

ALM Client MSI Generator supports ALM servers with the following proxy or web server configurations:

  • Forward proxy with no authentication or with basic authentication.

  • Reverse proxy with no authentication or with basic authentication.

  • Web server with basic or NTLM authentication.

Double authentication scheme

If a double authentication scheme is used, MSI file generation fails.

HTTPS communication

To enable communication with an ALM server configured for HTTPS, the machine on which you run ALM Client MSI Generator must have a valid SSL certificate.

FDCC workstation

ALM Client MSI Generator cannot run on an FDCC workstation.

External authentication

ALM Client MSI Generator does not fully support external authentication, however the following workaround can be used to bypass external authentication when using MSI Generator:

When external authentication is enabled, ALM Client MSI Generator must be installed on the ALM server. The Server Address field must contain the URL of the ALM server on which ALM Client MSI Generator is installed.


ALM server is installed on a machine that is accessed using Let’s assume that there is some external authentication on this machine.

Generate the MSI file as follows:

  1. Install ALM Client MSI Generator on the machine.
  2. Set the main URL for MSI generator to http://localhost/qcbin.

    When MSI Generator is deployed, it accesses any server with the same ALM version installed, including

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