Creating Follow Up Alerts

ALM enables you to add your own alerts to remind you to follow up on outstanding issues. In this exercise, you will add a follow-up flag to a defect whose status you want to check one week from today.

When you add a follow-up flag, ALM also adds an information bar that reminds you about the follow-up alert. When the follow-up date arrives, ALM sends you an email reminder, and changes the flag icon from gray to red.

Follow-up flags are specific to your user name, meaning that only you can see your follow-up alerts.

To create a follow up alert:

  1. Display the Defects module.

    On the ALM sidebar, select Defects.

  2. Select the defect that you want to flag with a follow up reminder.

    In the Defects Grid, select a defect.

  3. Create the follow up alert.

    1. Click the Flag for Follow Up button. The Flag For Follow Up dialog box opens.

    2. Perform the following:

      Follow up by: Select the date one week from today.

      Description: Type: Remind me about this defect on this date.

    3. Click OK. The flag icon is added to the defect record.