Adding a New Project User

You can control access to an ALM project by defining the users who can log in to the project, and by specifying the types of tasks each user may perform.

For each project, you select project users from the ALM site users list. This list is created in Site Administration.

From Project Customization, you add users to a project and assign them to user groups. Each user group has access to certain ALM tasks.

In this exercise, you will add a new project user to the ALM_Demo project.

Note: For the purpose of the exercise, you will first remove a user from the project, and then add the user to the project again.

To add a new project user:

  1. Make sure that you are logged in to ALM as a project administrator.

    For details on how to open the Project Customization window, see Starting Project Customization.

  2. Open the Project Users page.

    In the Project Customization window, click the Project Users link. The Project Users page opens and displays a list of users that have been assigned to the project.

  3. Remove a user.

    In the Project Users list, select cecil_alm, and click Remove User. Click Yes to confirm.

  4. Add a new user name.

    1. Click the Add User down arrow.

      You can add an existing user from the list of site users by typing the user’s name or by selecting the user from the list of site users. You can also create a new user and add the new user to the project.

    2. Select Add User by Name. The Add User dialog box opens.

    3. In the User Name box, type cecil_alm and click OK.

      The new user is added to the Project Users list and the user properties are displayed in the Details tab. User personal settings are defined in Site Administration.