Assigning a User to a User Group

To enable users to do their job, and to protect a project from unauthorized access, ALM enables you to assign each user to a specific user group. Each group has access to certain ALM tasks. You can use the predefined user groups with their default permissions or you can customize your own user groups with unique sets of permissions.

In this exercise, you will assign the new user cecil_alm to the QATester user group.

To assign a user to a user group:

  1. Make sure that the Project Users page is displayed.

    If the Project Users page is not already open, click the Project Users link in the Project Customization window.

  2. Select cecil_alm from the Project Users list.

    In the Project Users list, select cecil_alm.

  3. Display user’s membership in user groups.

    Click the Membership tab. The user groups to which cecil_alm belongs and does not belong are displayed.

  4. Assign cecil_alm to the QATester group.

    Under Not Member of, select QATester and click the right arrow button to move the group to Member of.

  5. Remove cecil_alm from the Viewer group.

    1. Under Member of, select Viewer and click the left arrow button to move the group to Not Member of.

    2. Click Save to save the changes to the Project Users page. Click OK.