Creating Business Views

Business views are a semantic data layer that can be used as a basis for the various ALM reporting tools. Business views are based on project entities, and ensure that only information that is relevant to a business consumer is contained in the report.

In the following exercise you will create a business view for creating graph reports.

To create a business view:

  1. Make sure that the Project Customization window is displayed.

    For details on how to open the Project Customization window, see Starting Project Customization.

  2. Open the Business Views page.

    In the Project Customization window, click the Business Views link. The Business Views page opens.

  3. Create a new business view.

    1. Click Add View. The New View dialog box opens.

    2. In the Label box, type Mercury Tour Defects. In the Technical Name box, type MT_Defects. Click OK to close the New View dialog box.

  4. Add project entities to your business view.

    1. Click Add Entity in the Query Designer tab. The Model tree opens in the right pane. The Model tree displays all project entities and fields in the current project.

    2. Select the Defect entity and click the Add arrow to move it to the Main pane.

  5. Define relationships between the project entities.

    1. In the Main pane, select the Defect entity.

    2. Click Add Related Entity. The Add Related Entity dialog box opens.

    3. In Target Entity, click the arrow and select Requirement. The Relation Name field is automatically valued with Linked Requirements.

    4. Click OK.

  6. Preview the new business view.

    1. Click Validate. Any validation warning or error messages are shown in the bottom pane.

    2. Click Preview. The Query Results are shown in the bottom pane.

    3. Change the Status to Published.

    4. Click Save.