Adding New Defects

You can add a new defect to an ALM project at any stage of the application lifecycle management process. In this exercise, you will submit a defect connected to the Flight Confirmation test.

To add a defect:

  1. Open the ALM_Demo project.

    If the ALM_Demo project is not already open, log in to the project. For details, see Start ALM.

  2. Display the Defects module.

    On the ALM sidebar, select Defects. The Defects Grid displays defect data in a grid. Each row in the grid displays a separate defect record.

  3. Open the New Defect dialog box.

    Click the New Defect button. The New Defect dialog box opens.

  4. Describe the defect.

    Enter the following data in the specified fields. Scroll down the dialog box as necessary.

    Summary: Missing information on Flight Confirmation page.

    Category: Defect

    Severity: 2-Medium

    Subject: Flight Reservation > Flight Confirmation

    Description: The defect was detected on the Flight Confirmation page. Passenger details and meal preferences are not displayed

  5. Determine the cycle in which the defect was detected.

    1. In the Detected in Cycle box, click the arrow. The releases tree opens. Expand the tree. In the Mercury Tours Application releases folder, in the Release 10.5 release, select the Cycle 1 - New Features cycle.

    2. Click OK to close the releases tree.

      You can see that ALM automatically assigns the value Release 10.5 to the Detected in Release field. This is because Cycle 1 - New Features is part of the Release 10.5 release.

  6. Attach the URL address for the Mercury Tours page where the defect was detected.

    1. On the New Defect dialog box sidebar, click Attachments. The Attachment page opens.

    2. Click the URL button. The Attach Uniform Resource Locator (URL) dialog box opens.

    3. Type the URL address of the Mercury Tours page.

    4. Click OK. A link to the Mercury Tours page is displayed above the Description box.

  7. Add the defect to the ALM project.

    1. Click the Submit button. The defect is added to the Defects Grid.

    2. Click Close to close the New Defect dialog box.