Copying Test Steps

You can copy steps from another test in the same project or from a different project. In this exercise, you will copy the test steps from the HTML Page Layout test and paste them into a newly created test.

To copy a test step:

  1. Display the Test Plan module.

    1. On the ALM sidebar, under Testing, select Test Plan.

    2. If the test plan tree view is not displayed, select View > Test Plan Tree.

  2. Create a new test.

    1. In the test plan tree, expand the Mercury Tours Site folder.

    2. Select the HTML Pages folder and click the New Test button. The New Test dialog box opens.

    3. In the Test Name box, type a name for the test: New HTML Page Layout.

    4. In the Type box, select MANUAL to create a manual test.

    5. In the Details tab, select the following:

      Level: Basic

      Reviewed: Not Reviewed

      Priority: 4-Very High

    6. Click OK. The new test is added to the test plan tree under the HTML Pages folder.

  3. Display the Design Steps tab for the HTML Page Layout test.

    1. In the HTML Pages folder, select the HTML Page Layout test.

    2. Click the Design Steps tab.

  4. Select the steps that you want to copy.

    Position the mouse pointer in the gray sidebar on the left. The mouse pointer changes to a pointing hand. Select all rows.

  5. Copy the selected steps.

    Click the Copy Steps button.

  6. Paste the steps into the New HTML Page Layout test.

    1. In the test plan tree, select the New HTML Page Layout test.

    2. In the Design Steps tab, click the Paste Steps button. The test steps are copied to the Design Steps tab.