Creating Coverage

In this exercise, you will create the Credit Cards requirement and then create coverage by associating it to the Credit Cards test.

To create coverage:

  1. Display the Requirements module.

    1. On the ALM sidebar, under Requirements, select Requirements.

    2. Choose View > Requirement Details. The Requirement Details view is displayed.

  2. Create the Credit Card requirement.

    1. Select the Mercury Tours Application folder.

    2. Click the New Folder button. In the New Requirement Folder dialog box, type: Payments. Click OK.

    3. Select the Payments folder and click the New Requirement button. The New Requirement dialog box opens.

    4. In the Name box, type Credit Cards.

    5. In the Requirement Type box, select Functional.

    6. Click Submit. Click Close. The new requirement is added to the requirements tree.

  3. Display the Test Coverage tab.

    1. In the requirements tree, make sure that the Credit Cards requirement is selected.

    2. In the right pane, click the Test Coverage tab.

  4. Display the Test Plan Tree pane.

    Click the Select Tests button to show the test plan tree on the right.

  5. Select the Credit Cards test in the test plan tree.

    1. In the Test Plan Tree pane, expand the Payment Methods folder, and select the Credit Cards test.

    2. If the Test Configurations pane is not displayed, click the Show button on the bottom of the pane. Under the Test Configurations pane, you can see that the test contains three test configurations.

  6. Add the test to the coverage grid.

    In the Test Plan Tree pane, click the Add to Coverage button. The Credit Cards test is added to the coverage grid.

  7. Display the Test Configuration Status tab.

    Click the Test Configuration Status tab.

    The Test Configuration Status tab shows the associated test configurations and their status.

    Tip: To add selected configurations of a test to the requirement's test coverage, add coverage from the Test Configurations pane.

  8. Hide the test plan tree.

    Click the Close button above the tests plan tree.

  9. Version Control: Check in the Payments folder and the Credit Cards requirement.

    1. In the test plan tree, right-click the Payments folder, and select Versions > Check In. Click OK to confirm.

    2. Right-click the Credit Cards requirement, and select Versions > Check In. Click OK to confirm.