Planning Tests

After you define your requirements, you need to determine your testing goal and outline the strategy for achieving your goal.

After you determine your testing goal, you build a test plan tree, which hierarchically divides your application into testing units, or subjects. For each subject in the test plan tree, you define tests that contain steps. For each test step, you specify the actions to be performed on your application and the expected result.

ALM enables you to use the same test to test different use-cases, each with its own test configuration. Each test configuration uses a different set of data. You define the data by adding test parameter values for each test configuration. A test parameter is a variable that can be assigned a value.

When you create a test, a single test configuration with the same name as the test is created simultaneously. You can create as many additional test configurations as needed.

It is essential that the tests in your test plan comply with your requirements. To help ensure compliance throughout the application lifecycle management process, add coverage between tests and requirements. For finer granularity, you add coverage between test configurations and requirements.

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